Israel frustrated by Belgium at Teddy

Israel squandered a golden opportunity to kick-start its Euro 2016 qualifying campaign on Tuesday night, suffering a 1-0 defeat to Belgium at Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem despite playing with an extra man for the final 30 minutes of the match. After being outplayed in a 3-0 defeat to Wales in Haifa on Saturday, Israel was […]


Sinai Says: Another bizarre decision by BSL in changing playoff format again

The vast majority of players want the BSL championship to be decided by a series. The vast majority of coaches want the BSL championship to be decided by a series. The vast majority of fans want the BSL championship to be decided by a series, whether best-ofthree, best-of-five or best-of-seven. Hence the obvious backwards decision […]


New Yisrael Beytenu MK submits legislation mandating death penalty for terrorists

Death penalty for terrorists will increase deterrence against terrorism, MK Sharon Gal (Yisrael Beytenu) said, submitting a bill to that effect on his first day as a lawmaker on Tuesday. The current law gives judges an option of sentencing a terrorist to death, but only if there is a consensus between all the judges presiding […]


Barkat Creates a ‘New Arab Neighborhood’ in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Councilman Arieh King reported on Tuesday night that Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat's urban construction plan 30006 – creating roughly 10,000 housing units for Arab residents in the city – has passed, thereby threatening the Jewish and Arab demographic balance in the capital. King, who also is the director of the Israel Land Fund (ILF), warned of the […]


UK University Israel Bashing Conference Cancelled – More Spin?

The University of Southampton in England has reportedly cancelled a conference challenging Israel's very right to exist, according to organizers of the conference, although a university spokesperson denied the decision – was it merely be an attempt to pressure the university into ignoring opposition to the event? The conference, entitled "International Law and the State of […]


Kassams, selfies and Machloufs in the Knesset inauguration

The excitement in the air was palpable at the inauguration of the 20th Knesset Tuesday,  with nearly a third of the MKs becoming legislators for the first time. Veteran and freshman lawmakers brought their families along to watch them pledge allegiance to the Knesset, and the non-MK seats were packed with judges, chief rabbis and […]


Jewish Agency Rising to the Challenge of Ukrainian Aliyah

The Ukrainians are coming, in droves. Thanks to the country’s brutal civil war, thousands of Jews are fleeing the country and many of them are heading toward Jerusalem. The Jewish Agency (JA) has been on the ground for the past year, increasing staff and responding to emergencies. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Jewish […]


Case Against Argentine President to be Appealed Again

Argentine prosecutors launched a new appeal Tuesday of a court's decision to dismiss their case against President Cristina Kirchner for allegedly protecting Iranian officials accused of orchestrating a deadly 1994 bombing on a Jewish center. Prosecutors are seeking to relaunch the case that was being brought by their late colleague Alberto Nisman, who died mysteriously on January 18 after accusing Kirchner of shielding high-ranking Iranians he […]


Watch: Historic Practice Passover Sacrifice Held in Jerusalem

Just days before the start of the Jewish festival of Pesach (Passover), fascinating footage has been published online showing what is likely the most accurate reenactment of the Passover Sacrifice (Korban Pesach) in 2,000 years. The Korban Pesach is one of the central Mitzvot (Torah Commandments) of Pesach, and in fact the source of the festival's name, but […]


Israel’s Top Ally in Africa Loses in Elections

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, a staunch ally of Israel, was defeated in elections on Tuesday by his his contender Muhammadu Buhari, in a turn of events feared to have a negative impact on Nigeria's support for the Jewish state. Buhari's All Progressives Congress (APC) won in the elections, racking up 15.4 million votes as opposed to 13.3 […]

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