Former chief Nazareth judge confesses to sexual harassment of court employee

Former Nazareth District Court President Yitzhak Cohen on Sunday confessed to the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court of sexually harassing a court employee as part of a plea bargain with the state which would include community service and a fine, but no formal conviction or charge of indecent assault. Cohen would be among the highest ranking […]


Netanyahu boots firebrand right-wing MK from settlement bill talks

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threw MK Bezalel Smotrich (Bayit Yehudi) from his office Saturday night, during late-night negotiations on a bill that would allow the government to avoid demolishing settlement homes on private Palestinian land. When Smotrich, one of the bill’s primary sponsors, arrived at the meeting between Netanyahu and Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett, […]


Netanyahu family accuses media of ‘false leaks’

Lawyers representing the family of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu filed a complaint with the Attorney- General’s Office and Israel Police Investigations Division on Saturday after alleged transcripts of Sara Netanyahu’s 12-hour questioning by police last week were published in the Hebrew media. The complaint, filed by attorney Yossi Cohen, accused TV Channels 2 and 10 […]


Israel’s Leviathan gas revolution to propel its economic future

On a still-summery late-November Tuesday, blue waves lapped at the sides of the 10,000 square meter deep-water drilling rig Atwood Advantage, some 95 kilometers off the coast of Haifa. Arriving to the eastern Mediterranean about three years late due to bureaucratic squabbles in Israel’s natural gas sector, the Atwood Advantage was in the midst of […]


Arab Food Festival in Haifa serves up coexistence

Haifa, Israel — It’s hard to believe that nobody ever thought of this before — silky hummus topped by pulled barbecued beef that falls off the fork (or the pita, as the case may be.) The host is Marun Issa, a long-time Arab restauranteur, in his hole-in-the-wall hummus joint, a Haifa icon, called Abu Marun’s. […]


Obama, Bennett agree: Keep Netanyahu guessing

For Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the following sequence of events would be nothing less than a scenario from hell. On December 25, the first day of Hanukka and the day by which the High Court of Justice ordered that the settlement outpost of Amona must be dismantled, IDF soldiers might very well be called upon […]


Saban slams Ellison before high-profile forum

WASHINGTON — One of the largest Democratic donors of the 2016 election cycle declared his passionate opposition to Rep. Keith Ellison’s bid for chairmanship of the party on Friday night, calling him a disaster to US-Israeli relations should he be elected to the post. Before his own forum hosted with the Brookings Institution, at its […]


Postpone Amona bill until after Trump inauguration, Lieberman says

WASHINGTON — The Knesset should hold off from voting on a controversial that would legalize an outpost at Amona, on Friday night. Speaking at the Saban Forum in Washington, Lieberman suggested that Israel and the incoming administration Trump should have a chance to work out an understanding over its continued settlement activity. Several Israeli officials […]


Report: Iran owns 5% of shares of the German firm building subs for Israel

 An Iranian state-owned firm has substantial shares in the  German shipping giant that is supplying the Israeli navy with submarines, a newspaper in Israel reported. The Iranian investments in ThyssenKrupp began in the 1970s, and were inherited by the Islamic regime when it took over Iran in the 1979 revolution, Yedioth Acharonoth reported Friday. Source: […]


The EMP threat: Could Israel be blacked out?

Israel and other countries have focused significant energy on nuclear, chemical weapons and cyber doomsday threats – but are we ready for an electronic magnetic pulse (EMP) attack that could cripple critical infrastructure and threaten national security? A range of experts addressed the issue in the Israeli context at a conference on Wednesday night co-sponsored […]

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