Rivlin pays condolences to families of IDF soldiers killed in Hezbollah attack

It is doubtful that any president of Israel had to pay as many condolence calls during his first half year in office as Israel’s tenth president Reuven Rivlin. The president cut short his visit to New York in order to pay condolence calls on Friday to the families of Staff-Sgt. Dor Chaim Nini in Shtulim, […]


Anti-Semitic Politician Becomes Greek Defense Minister

A Greek politician who claimed that Jews "don't pay taxes" has been elected as Defense Minister, Greek media reported Thursday night, amid already-high concerns over rising anti-Semitism in the country that is only expected to worsen following recent elections. Panos Kammenos of the Syriza party made the comments during an interview with Greek Ant-1 TV, according […]


Renowned Israeli Conductor Dies Mid-Concert

Renowned Israeli conductor Israel Yinon collapsed and died as he was conducting a concert in the Swiss city of Lucerne late Thursday, a spokesman said. According to local media, the 59-year-old was in the middle of leading 'An Alpine Symphony' by German composer Richard Strauss when he slumped, falling headlong to the ground.  Volunteers immediately rushed to do CPR; the […]


Jihadists Down Syrian Warplane – Abduction Strategy?

The Islamic State (ISIS) group has shot down a Syrian regime warplane that was bombing opposition-held areas, killing the pilot, a monitoring group said on Friday. Jihadists published photographs of the plane and the pilot's body on social media sites following the crash on Thursday night in Damascus province that was claimed by ISIS. The jihadist group and rebel factions seeking President […]


Saudi Paper Claims Women’s Rights ‘Reform’ under Dead King

The Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat that is identified with the ruling monarchy is presenting the newly appointed King Salman, who was enthroned after King Abdullah died last week, as being a successor in Abdullah's line of "gradual reform." The paper claimed Abdullah's reforms aimed to implement Islamic Sharia law while supposedly advancing the position of women – despite […]


Israel published tenders for 450 new homes in West Bank settlement

The Lands Authority on Friday morning published tenders for 450 new homes in West Bank settlements. The non-governmental group Peace Now, which opposes any Jewish building over the pre-1967 lines, immediately attacked the move and charged that it was yet one more attempt by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to embarrass US President Barack Obama. "It […]


Kobane is Liberated – But What About the Residents?

With their town liberated but largely destroyed by battles that drove Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists out, thousands of Syrian residents of Kobane are settling into Turkey's newest refugee camp for an indefinite stay. Opened on Sunday just several kilometers from the Syrian border, the new compound near the town of Suruc is the largest refugee camp yet in Turkey, and has begun […]


Marzel Rejects Temple Mount Ban, Chetboun’s Rabbi Distances

Rabbi Tzvi Tau, head of Yeshivat Har Hamor and the rabbi of MK Yoni Chetboun, felt the need to clarify on Friday that he distances himself from Chetboun's Yachad – Ha'am Itanu party headed by Eli Yishai, after it included Baruch Marzel of Otzma Yehudit in its list. Rabbi Tau's decision evidently comes due to his […]


Likud Gains, But Race Predicted for Coalition

Likud continues to top Labor Friday, according to the latest in a flurry of polls released by the major Israeli news agencies this week – as the public strays toward supporting the largest parties in the 20th Knesset.  Likud edged out Labor, according to the TNS poll for Walla! News, at 27 and 26 seats, respectively.  Far […]


Pirates, Bresolvers, and ‘Green Leafers’ – Oh My

A number of tiny fringe parties have attempted to enter the 2015 elections race once again this year, despite the struggle for mainstream parties to pass the newly-raised Knesset threshold.  A full 3.25% of the population's vote is required to elect a party into the 20th Knesset, a change which has prompted the formation of several […]

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