‘Some flew from the bus, some were crushed to death’

ZAKA emergency services spokesperson Moti Bokchin was among the first to arrive at the scene of the lethal crash Sunday evening, in which six bus passengers were killed and 11 others wounded when the vehicle collided into a truck at Anava Intersection west of Modi'in. Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Bokchin said, "the place looked like a […]


MK Stern accuses Shaked of ‘harming women’

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation decided Sunday to reject a bill by MK Elazar Stern (Yesh Atid) to increase the number of women participating in the body that selects the chief rabbis of Israel. According to the rejected law, the electoral body would expand its members from 150 to 200, with 25% of them intended to […]


Indictment: Man bludgeoned sister to death and torched her

A 22-year-old man from Beit Zarzir bludgeoned his sister to death with a hammer and then doused her in gasoline and torched her body, because he was angry about the independent life she led, according to an indictment issued on Sunday. The indictment presented in the Nazareth District Court on Sunday against Hussein Yusuf Rahel […]


FESTIVAL REVIEW: Red Sea Jazz Festival Eilat

The sixth edition of the winter version of the Red Sea Jazz Festival is done and dusted and, it is fair to say, it was probably the best thus far. Perennial artistic director Dubi Lenz is primarily a world music aficionado and, as such, takes a broad view of music in general. While that means […]


Spit test could detect cancer in 10 minutes

Up until now, doctors have only been able to use blood tests to detect cancer as long as the patient has already undergone a painful biopsy and sequenced a tumor. However, scientists have now developed a test which can detect cancer in ten minutes using just a drop of saliva. To be priced at £15 […]


Rabbi Pinto to serve jail time in medical center

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, head of the Shuvu Yisrael sect, is to start his one year jail sentence on Tuesday, but a decision on Sunday ordered that he serve his time at the medical center of the Israel Prison Service (IPS) due to his health condition. Pinto, who was convicted of trying to give bribes to police Brig. Gen. Efraim Bracha, […]


Adam’s road to success

Tel Aviv street musician Adam Road woke up one morning to discover that one of his songs had reached around the world. His song, “If God Don’t Follow Me” [ft. Danielle Parente] from his upcoming debut album Trubdr. Adam Road: Exile from the City, was played on an episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf in early […]


Ten years since Ilan Halimi’s murder

It has been ten years since the death of Ilan Halimi Hy"d, a handsome and charismatic 23-year-old Jewish man, who was abducted and slowly tortured to death for 24 days by a Parisian Muslim anti-Semitic gang. The horrific murder drove home to whoever needed the proof that the spirit of Nazi sadism is alive and well in […]


Reported details emerge on aid package to Israel from Obama administration

The new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) governing US military financial aid to Israel over the next decade will include a significant increase, but limit Congress’ ability to add on supplemental military financial aid on a year to year basis, according to a report in Defense News. According to the report, an Israeli cabinet minister said […]


Deal that could extend coalition’s staying power denied

Sources close to Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon denied a report Sunday that there could be a political deal that could guarantee that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government could last for three more years. According to a report in the business daily, The Marker, a deal discussed by Netanyahu and Kahlon would result in Environment Minister […]

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