12 UN Security Council resolutions against terror – 0 for Israel

Israel's United Nations Ambassador Danny Danon fiercely criticized the UN Security Council on Tuesday, during a UNSC discussion on the situation in Israel and the wider Middle East.

"For the Council it is business as usual when we're talking about terrorism in Israel," Danon said, attacking the Security Council for failing to issue a single condemnation following deadly terror attacks against Israeli civilians.

"The facts don't lie, the Council is hypocritical in its attitude towards Israel," he fired. "For the last four months, since the wave of terror began in Israel, the Council has issued 12 resolutions against world terrorism, and zero resolutions against Palestinian terrorism in Israel."

Danon went on to condemn ongoing Palestinian incitement, and recounted in detail before the council the brutal murder of Dafna Meir – an Israeli mother o six and nurse who was stabbed death last week in front of her children by a 15-year-old Arab terrorist.

During his interrogation, the murderer told investigators that he had been inspired to carry out the attack by propaganda clips broadcast regularly on the Palestinian Authority's official TV station.

"The root of the recent wave of terror is Palestinian incitement," Danon declared, listing the PA's direct encouragement and glorification of terror – at European taxpayers' expense.

"Monetary payments to the families of terrorists, honorary degrees to terrorists who murder women and using toys as tools of incitement, these are the workings of the Palestinian leadership, and the Security Council must condemn them immediately," he said.

Danon also outlined to Security Council members the current threats posed to Israel by Hezbollah, ISIS and Hamas, and detailed Hezbollah's active preparations to attack Israel from southern Lebanon, including by converting Shia villages into de-facto military bases.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/207072

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