23 arrested in mass-brawl at Arab village

23 people were arrested after a massive brawl in the Israeli Arab village of Kfar Manda in the Lower Galilee last night.

The fight apparently broke out over tensions in the run up to hotly-contested local village elections, with rival factions facing off in a violent confrontation.

Dozens of villagers fought openly in the streets, exchanging blows, hurling rocks at each other and setting garbage cans on fire.

A large police force – including a helicopter – was scrambled from the nearby town of Misgav to quell the riot, which they succeeded in doing relatively quickly. 

Most villagers returned to their homes but 23 were arrested in connection to the violent clash.

In addition, 2 people with light-to-moderate injuries were evacuated to hospital for further treatment after receiving first aid at the scene.

The riot left significant damage to local property in its wake, and police forces remain deployed in the village to prevent further outbreaks of violence as the local elections approach.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/211516

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