30,000 pupils fear the school-year won’t start

The dozens of Christian schools that operate in Israel are in danger of not being able to operate this coming school year, according to the Committee of Christian Schools in Israel.

The schools currently operate in a similar fashion to the ultra-Orthodox schools, in that they are recognized by the state, but are not part of the official system. The freedom from the system allows the schools to appoint their own principals and teachers, have authority over their own buildings, and create their own curriculum according to their religious beliefs and values.

Education Ministry suggestions to enter the officially recognized school system have been rebuffed by the Christian schools, as they would lose control over these aspects of their schools, a loss that is seen by the schools as a danger to the teaching of Christian values.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/30000-pupils-fear-the-school-year-wont-start-411677

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