70 percent of local religious councils run by political appointee

Some 70 percent of the 132 local religious councils around the country which are responsible for the provision of religious services in their municipal area are run by political appointees and not by a full complement of council members as is required.

The lack of fully appointed councils has been heavily criticized of late, with critics arguing that the use of appointed chairmen instead of full councils creates a situation in which the provision of religious services lacks transparency and oversight and causes a disconnect between the service providers and the general public which use these services.

Local religious councils are responsible for providing Jewish religious services residents of the local municipal area. They run the municipal kashrut licensing system on behalf of the Chief Rabbinate; the marriage registration bureau; mikvaot, or ritual baths; and administrative requirements for death and burial.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/70-percent-of-local-religious-councils-run-by-political-appointee-445740

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