A band by any other name…

Tom Petrover, Orit Shachaf and the rest of the Hayehudim gang were not seriously considering a drastic career change when they popped over to Austin, Texas, recently to play at a major rock festival. It seems there was a problem of a political nature with the veteran Israeli rock band’s name.

“We were told we couldn’t call ourselves ‘The Jews’ and that we’d just get ourselves into a whole lot of trouble with it,” explains guitarist-vocalist-songwriter Petrover, “so we chose the initials I.U.D.M. It was the best thing we could come up with that sounded like our actual name.”

Naturally, the bogus – and politically safe – moniker caused a little brow-furrowing, and some inquired as to the source of the acronym.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/A-band-by-any-other-name-417956

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