A beautiful dance

In the dance community, Raimund Hoghe is an outlier for many reasons. For one, his introduction to and experience with dance has granted him a unique vantage point. For another, his physical form does not fit the classic standards of a dancer.

A petite man with a hunched back, Hoghe cannot execute the leaps and turns one expects from a professional dancer. “When I’m on stage, many people might call me ugly. I represent the other side, the one that is not beautiful, not perfect and not ideal,” he said over a Skype call.

Hoghe is currently visiting Israel for the first time as a guest of the annual Diver Festival. Tonight, thanks to support from the Goethe Institute Israel and Moves Without Borders, he will host the opening event of the festival entitled Writing with Words and Bodies.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/A-beautiful-dance-413737

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