A gourmet mitzva

Sandwiched among upscale office buildings, Ichilov Hospital and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a popular kosher combination: the Liliyot bakery and dairy restaurant and the Liliyot fine dining meat restaurant. But the behind-thescenes story is as praiseworthy as the food. The kitchen is staffed by at-risk youth who have had their share of difficulty adjusting to the framework of school or the army and are being trained as chefs, a profession that commands status and respect in modern Israel.

“Young chefs from our program have gone on to work in some of the country’s leading restaurants,” says Canadian-born Allan Barkat, founder and chairman of the social investment Dualis, a co-owner of Liliyot since 2009. “In fact, one of our trainees went on to take the place of celebrity chef Yonatan Roshfeld at Herbert Samuel.”

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/A-gourmet-mitzva-449641

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