A Lesson on ‘Derech Eretz’ from Tamar Weissman

In the first part of the show, Rabbi Adler offer condolences to the Vice President of the USA and his family on the untimely passing of their beloved Beau.

On a happier note, perhaps 100,000 people attended the annual Israel Parade in New York City on Sunday, expressing their love and support for the Jewish state.

"I wish we could airlift them here to join us! It's the biggest Israel love-fest in America! I mention an awesome derech eretz gesture done by a graduating class in honor of their cancer-battling principal, and part one ends with a derech eretz message for all of us," said Rabbi Adler.

In the second part, the Rabbi ask author and Israel tour guide Tamar Weissman about her new book, Tribal Lands, which deals with how God apportioned the Holy Land to the 12 tribes.

Biggest tribe gets the biggest property, right? Is it more complicated than that?

What we discover is that the entire enterprise of doling out land for tribes takes many things into account, many of them derech eretz lessons for all of us. There is wisdom here for parents and bosses as well.

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Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/196276

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