A mother’s hug: IFCJ flies in 20 parents of lone soldiers on surprise visit

Shlomo Touthang’s mother lives in Manipur, India, a remote area next to the Myanmar border in the country’s east. The last time he saw her was when he set out on the long journey to immigrate to Israel. Three years later, the oleh is serving in a reconnaissance unit of the Golani Brigade. There he is learning how to scout out the enemy, how to surprise them and how to go about being unnoticed.

Last Tuesday, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews taught him a lesson in reconnaissance. As he and 19 others stood on a stage at a ceremony at the Kirya military headquarters to be honored as outstanding lone soldiers, their mothers walked up behind them hugging them, giving them the shock and delight of their lives.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/A-mothers-hug-IFCJ-flies-in-20-parents-of-lone-soldiers-on-surprise-visit-403279

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