A Schachat family affair at the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

There are many characteristics that can skip a generation. In the case of acclaimed singer Colin Schachat, that certain trait is a love of the classic big band crooners.

Schachat, who will be preforming with two of his four sons tonight at the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, is both perplexed and amused at his youngest son, Micha’s affinity for the swing hits of his parent’s generation.

“He’s passionate about Frank Sinatra and the crooners,” Schachat chuckles. “This was my parents music!” But he’s happy to indulge the younger Schachat as they will perform a wide array of hits from the 50’s to the present with his other son Gabi.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/A-Schachat-family-affair-at-the-Jerusalem-Symphony-Orchestra-403690

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