A Soldier’s Mother: Israel’s “Man on the Street” Sends a Message to Benjamin Netanyahu

PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at Weekly Cabinet Meeting, July 23, 2017

Here we go again! No words. When is the next election? Bibi. Shelf-life. Over. Period. Israel adopts ghetto mentality. The point is that we are supposed to be a democracy, the only one in the middle east, right, so how can it be that there are metal detectors only for non-muslims? I know 2 year-olds with more guts! I remember the “bibi tov layehudim” campaign. They are all tov when they talk. They are all sell-outs whenever they are offered an opportunity for change. This is the really status quo. We need to move out of our status quo choices and look somewhere outside of the career politicians. I’m OK with removing detectors, as long as we remove Al Aqsa after the next attack. OK – so Bibi caved. No real surprise Sorry, appeasing the idiocy, intolerance, and violence of the Muslims is a mistake. We don’t live in Kansas, we live in the jungle of the Arab/Muslim world, with its own rules. To them “symbols” mean a lot, therefore to deal with our Muslim enemies properly, we also have to place emphasis on the symbolic. Looking for a new party. Likud is clearly just Labour in wolves’ clothing. I got da The “Bibi Blues” This is just terrible – I can’t believe Israel capitulated – it will never be safe in Israel now! This is ridiculous Disgusting government We live in Chelm