Abbas’s Fatah presents ‘Bibi the baby killer’

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction has made another slanderous statement of hostility towards Israel's government, putting a post on its official Facebook page portraying Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as a baby killer.

The post, exposed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) on Thursday, consisted of the following cartoon accompanied by text in English.

Netanyahu the "baby killer" Palestinian Media Watch

"How many Palestinian kids did it take you to kill to win the Israeli votes? #Asknetanyahu," reads the slanderous post, referencing a Twitter event on the same day of May 12 in which Netanyahu responded to questions using the hashtag listed.

In the cartoon, a caricature of Netanyahu is seen walking up a rising graph of dead Palestinian babies indicating his increase in "popularity."

Fatah, like the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), was internationally recognized as a terrorist organization until that status was removed in the 1994 Oslo Accords.

The group has nevertheless continued to launch terror attacks, and maintains an openly hostile attitude towards Israel, as has frequently been exposed by PMW.


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