Acclaimed Actor: Innocent Arab Suffers for Jewish Outrage

Artists' attacks on newly appointed Culture Minister Miri Regev continued Wednesday, when acclaimed stage and screen actor Itay Tiran blasted Regev for populism and a lack of understanding about culture. 

Tiran, who is about to star in the Cameri Theater's production of Bertolt Brecht's "The Threepenny Opera," argued there is no difference between the time when the socially critical play was written and today. 

This play discusses "social justice, exploitation, neutering and silence – matters that are more relevant than ever," he told Channel 2.

Addressing Regev's recent comments that culture is meant to provide "bread and circuses" to the nation, Tiran argued the Culture Minister's comments "indicate a lack of understanding of what the role of culture is." 

"Bread and circuses is one aspect, but art is to place a mirror against nature and illuminate the face of a generation," he stressed. 

Tiran, who signed a letter in support of the Al Midan Theater, whose funding Regev cut after it was revealed the theater was performing a play on the life of a convicted terrorist, said he was not worried about his own theater's financing. 

"They are afraid of plays that delegitimize – but this play has nothing that can be censored," he said. 

Regarding the controversy over Al Midan, Tiran claimed that "this has become our fashion. When two Jews get up in arms, the one who pays the price is the Arab, an Israeli citizen who did nothing wrong."

He then slammed Regev's conduct since taking office. "It's very sad that people, in order to win votes in the Likud Central Committee and gain positions and authority, humiliate and attack weak people in such a populist, cheap, and ugly manner."

The vocal Tiran has previously suffered criticism for not having served in the IDF and his refusal to perform in Judea and Samaria. 


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