Adele Biton Fighting for Her Life

Terror victim Adele Biton was admitted earlier this week with pneumonia to Schneider Children's Hospital in Petah Tikva, and is fighting for her life.

Schneider staff said Tuesday that a medical team has been fighting to keep Adele alive in intensive care.

Adele's family has asked the public to pray for Adele Chaya bat Adva. 

Adele, 4, was critically injured during a terror attack nearly two years ago.

In March 2013, as she was traveling in a car with her siblings and mother Adva close to the city of Ariel, their car was ambushed by Arabs, who hurled rocks at the car, causing it to veer off the road and crash headfirst into a truck.

Adelle, who was just two years old at the time, was left critically injured and fighting for her life; investigators say she was struck directly in the head by fist-sized rock thrown by her attackers.

A long medical struggle has followed, and Adele has been in and out of hospital over the intervening period. 


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