‘Adolf Hitler’ denounces Trump

Since his call to temporarily block Muslim immigration, numerous figures have been comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler – the genocidal Nazi leader.

On Thursday, Sarah Silverman pushed the Trump-Hitler comparison when she appeared on TBS’ “Conan” dressed as the German Fuhrer.

After walking on stage wearing the Nazi leader's trademark military uniform, mustache and swastika armband, the Jewish comedian told the audience, "That's more applause than I expected."

When asked about the business tycoon, Silverman-as-Hitler said, "Don't get me wrong, Conan, I agree with a lot he says. A lot, like 90% of what he says, I'm like, 'This guy gets it,' but I just don't like the way he says it. It's crass, you know?”

Silverman's Hitler further criticized Trump for mentioning the size of his genitalia during a recent televised debate.

"All these comparisons to Trump, it bums me out. Sometimes I watch him and I'm like, 'Is that how people see me?' He's starting to make me rethink things I've done," said Silverman-as-Hitler.

Viewer discretion advised: Mature content and adult language.

Several public figures, including comedians Louis C.K., Bill Maher and former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman have compared Trump to Hitler in recent months over some of the GOP frontrunner’s comments and policies.

The Trump-Hitler comparison has also made the front page of The New York Daily News, given that supporters at campaign events raise their right hands and pledge to vote for him, in what is said to resemble the infamous “heil Hitler” salute.

Trump has called the comparisons “ridiculous" and reminded audiences of his converted Jewish daughter and his Jewish son-in-law, as well as his Jewish grandchildren. He noted his Jewish connection while expressing support for Israel in Thursday’s Republican debate in Miami.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/209329

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