African migrants to be released from Israeli detention centers face ban on Tel Aviv residency

The 1,200 African migrants who will be released from detention centers in the South this week will be banned from working and living in Tel Aviv, it emerged on Sunday, in keeping with a decision made by Interior Minister Silvan Shalom.

Spokeswoman for the Population, Immigration, and Borders authority (PIBA), Sabine Haddad, said it was unclear the scope of the restriction and if it will apply to all hours of the day or just overnight, but confirmed that it only applies to Tel Aviv and Eilat. She was not able to give details about what the punishment will be for those caught violating the restriction.

The overwhelming majority of the around 50,000 African migrants in Israel live in Tel Aviv, and a disproportionately large concentration have for years lived in Eilat, due to the availability of jobs in the hospitality industry and because of its proximity to the Egyptian border, from where they entered Israel.


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