After over a decade of dreaming, tourist ferry connects Haifa, Acre

The ferry was packed with eager attendees on Monday as Tourism Minister Yariv Levin along with Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav and Acre Mayor Shimon Lankri inaugurated the 200-passenger boat which will ferry tourists between the coastal cities of Haifa and Acre.

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Levin said the ferry line is part of an ongoing effort to put Haifa and Acre on the Israeli tourism map. “Haifa and Acre have a lot to offer to tourists and a lot of potential, this cruise line between Haifa and Acre will enable the tourists to travel and to see the views between the city and the feeling of being in the silence of the sea,” he said, “I do believe that this is the first step in an ongoing effort in Haifa and Acre in order to expand the infrastructure to make sure that the tourists that come here will enjoy an excellent experience during all times of the year.”


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