Al Qaeda ‘almost in total contol of Syrian province of Idlib’

The jihadis of Al-Qaida and their allies have almost total control of the Syrian province of Idlib after seizing the city of Ariha, in another setback for the regime of Bashar Assad.

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH) said that the city was taken after an offensive launched by Jaysh al-Fatah, a coalition made up of fighters from Al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of Al-Qaida and other islamist rebel groups.

The regime of Bashar Assad only control two Shiite villages, several military positions and the military airport of Abul Douhour in this north-west region of Syria close to Turkey.

The majority Sunni city has fallen “after a major retreat of regime forces and Hezbollah fighters. Dozens of army vehicles were seen fleeing the city” according to OSDH.



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