Amazon gives revenue from anti-Islam group song to refugees

BERLIN – Amazon has pledged to donate its share of revenues from the sale of a song by the anti-Islam group PEGIDA to refugees, undermining

the cause of the far-right movement.

PEGIDA’S song “Together We Are Strong” can be downloaded for 1.29 euros ($1.4 dollars) on Amazon and has been on its top-100 list for several days. Next to the buy-button online, Amazon has posted a sentence saying “Amazon helps. The proceeds of selling this song will go to a charitable organization supporting refugees.” It wasn’t immediately clear how big Amazon’s share of the sales price is and how much will go to PEGIDA. Supporters of PEGIDA, which stands for Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West, have been organizing weekly protest rallies in Dresden and elsewhere for over a year.



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