American Jews Who Survived Near-Lynch Return to Hevron

Two of the five American haredi Jews who suffered a near-lynching at the hands of Hevron Arabs last week were back in the City of Patriarchs Monday, to say selichot prayers at the Cave of Machpela and thank God for the great miracle that befell them.

Following the prayers, they asked to meet nationalist activist Baruch Marzel and Lehava Chairman Bentzi Gopshtain, and told them of the terrifying ordeal in which their car was pelted with rocks and firebombs and set aflame. The first people on the scene were rescue services, they said, and the police arrived some time later.

The two young men thanked the Arab man who saved them and put them in his house, and told Marzel and Gopshtain that they felt that their lives were in danger, and that dozens of rioters had "murder in their eyes."

They said that they would continue to visit Hevron and Marzel suggested that they stay over at his home on Shabbat.

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The activists took them on a visit to the Hazon David site, where a synagogue has been razed an replaced by an IDF position. Marzel explained that the position had been transferred there from its original location, which was at the spot where they were attacked.

"I promise you that we will not rest or relax until we teach this neighborhood that Jews are not pushovers,” Marzel told the two. “The community will receive thorough treatment, down to the last terrorist,” he vowed.

“If the IDF doesn't do this, we will do it.”

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