Amona residents launch campaign to save community

Residents of the Judea-Samaria town of Amona have been preparing to fight back against a planned eviction of their homes Sunday, with a full-fledged campaign underway against the order. 

Amona officials met with decision-makers recently to impart a warning about the ramifications of such an eviction, noting that a "domino effect" of evictions of other communities are the inevitable outcome. 

Advertisements have also been published, both in print and online, noting that the evacuation follows controversial evictions in Migron and in the Draynoff houses – setting a precedent for thousands more to be evicted. 

'These are civilians who choose to participate in the struggle for Amona out of the understanding that the future of their homes will be at stake, and others who are sick of seeing the country fall apart," Attorney Avichai Baron, leader of the campaign, stated to Arutz Sheva Sunday. 

"We were amazed to discover the number of calls and reports to various media [outlets], and it was decided to begin the second phase of the campaign, which was launched several weeks ago." 

Tamar, a resident of Amona, noted, "It's time to understand that [eviction] is a danger to the general public […] we have seen [in previous evictions] children crying, families falling apart –  call on the public to help us stop what could arrive at their door immediately after the evacuation of our homes." 

Amona is due to be evicted on the first day of Hanukkah, December 26, 2016.

In 2006, hundreds of demonstrators were wounded in Amona during the demolition of nine homes. Politicians from across the political spectrum called for an inquiry into the behavior of Israeli security forces, noting the unusually high level of injuries, which included several Knesset Members.


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