Analysis: A Coalition of Interests

As the campaign progresses toward a decision, the scope of the conspiracy to overthrow the Israeli Right is becoming clear. 

Powerful and potent individuals, groups and organizations have combined together to brainwash the public and contaminate the proper democratic process. 

I do not recall an election, at a time when national security is of utmost importance, filled with such trivialities and gossip. A bystander would think Israel is Monaco or Liechtenstein, and not a state who is surrounded by growing and significant threats. 

A strange coalition of social interests has united in Israel to crown the Left, under the leadership of a camp that calls itself Zionist and is headed by Tzipi Livni and Yitzhak Herzog. With this, most people, even those who criticize Netanyahu, are convinced that this rotating pair cannot steer the ship of Israeli existence through rough waters. No Israeli wants to be on the Titanic when Herzog and Livni take the helm as captain. 

Despite the Left's internal convictions, Israelis are not ready to be anyone's suckers; they've had enough of it. In the absence of substantive arguments about a regime change, the anti-Bibi coalition continues to pull rabbits out of its hat, regularly. In the newspaper of Noni Mozes, a leader of that coalition, I did not find even one explanation for why I should support Yitzhak Herzog for prime minister. I found a lot of sounds and noises for "anyone but Bibi."

It seems that Yedioth Ahronoth's writers, engaged intensively and cynically in recent days with driving a wedge between Likud and Jewish Home, are unable to count the hours until the publication of the State Comptroller's report about the expenses of the Prime Minister's Residence. These are journalists who have already begun to cook a dish soaked with evil juice, on the basis of rumors circulated illegally.

You don't need a wild imagination to imagine the headlines in Yedioth Ahronoth and Haaretz, who make tasty tidbits out of minor details. Since the Israeli public has already become fed up with this feverish stew, you can expect disproportionate references to things said in an opinion piece. 

Obviously, if there are things that require review, it is important they be reviewed by the authorized parties. But if not, it is worthwhile not to be deceived by disgraceful titles. 

President Obama does not like the Prime Minister, to the say the least. Does he like Jews? Whoever can say in an interview that the attack on a kosher supermarket was random and not directed against Jews shows a clear sign of judicial bias. 

Obama would not be the first US president who did not like Jews. Obama finds it difficult with Netanyahu; he is too loud and strong for his tastes. Obama has an interest in the State of Israel being run by a feeble leftist government that will enable him to establish his legacy, climaxing with an agreement with Iran. 

US presidents in their last two terms of office worry more about their place in American history than actual reality. Future generations will pay the price of their blindness. The US administration, directly and indirectly, are making every effort to strike the right-wing government. 

Too bad there are Jews in the US, who, along with the left-wing parties in Israel, are cooperating with Obama against the existential threats of the state. Jewish history will never forgive these leftist organizations, just as it has not forgiven the miserable Jewish leadership who kept silent during President Roosevelt's time, when trains led their people to destruction on European soil.  

The third partner in this strange coalition, which advocates anyone but Bibi and the Right, is Hezbollah, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations approaching our borders. After all, they yearn for a weak left government in Israel – a government who sees Abbas as a peace partner, who will allow communities in Judea and Samaria to fall into the hands of Hamas, and who will allow Jordan to fall to the Islamic Caliphate. Israeli citizens have already realized the terrible lessons from the evacuation of Gush Katif. The Left can not longer sell them false illusions. 

Reprinted with permission from Israel Hayom.


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