Analysis: Ideologically divided Joint List to shy away from controversial issues

The Joint (Arab) List, which is divided ideologically between Islamists, nationalists, and communists, is likely to focus on narrow local issues in the upcoming Knesset, where common ground can be found so as not to fall into unbridgeable disagreements.

The United Arab List, Ta’al, Hadash, and Balad parties struck a historic deal before the election to run as a united bloc – the decision to raise the electoral threshold to 3.25 percent of the vote and pressure from the Arab public forced the parties to band together – but internal divisions could lead to dysfunction or break up.

In the latest outreach to the Jewish population, Joint List and Hadash head Ayman Odeh and his colleague, Jewish Hadash MK Dov Henin, took part in the Ethiopian protest against racism in Tel Aviv on Sunday. The Hadash party was quick to tweet a picture of the two walking in the protest.


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