Analysis: When a top cop takes his life, it’s a painful, traumatic blow to the entire police force

In Ramat Amidar in the ’70s, there was a local kid who was destined to make a name for himself, and do so on the right side of the law. The Ramat Gan neighborhood earned a reputation over the years as an incubator for criminals – notorious gangsters like the Harari brothers, and later, kingpin and household name Amir Mulner.

Despite all temptations, another kid who came before them stayed on the right path and, in the decades to come, Ephraim Bracha would become one of the most respected and talented investigators in the Israel Police. He’d eventually lead the investigation into the assassination of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and some of the biggest corruption cases in the nation’s history, as well as police efforts in the ’90s against the Ramat Amidar gang during their bloodsoaked war against the Pardes Katz gang, fearlessly going after local mobsters who knew his family well.


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