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Without knowing it, Boris Eifman has been paving the way towards making the ballet Up & Down for more than two decades. The St. Petersburg based choreographer is best known for his psychological ballets, which are often based on classic pieces of literature or sculpture.

“Interest in the mental world of the individual and the subject of the unconscious has always been part of me. This is well illustrated by the Eifman Ballet’s old performances created in the 1980s and early 1990s. In my time, I even wanted to make Sigmund Freud the protagonist of my ballet, but then I changed my mind. After all, there was neither external drama in Freud’s life nor dynamics,” he explains.

The Eifman Ballet was established in 1977. Eifman has created one ballet per year for nearly 40 years, bringing together strong narratives with classical dance vocabulary.


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