Answering the call

I am pretty excited to now call Room Service my neighborhood go-to cocktail bar. Since opening in 2013, Room Service has been consistently busy. And rightfully so. Situated at the corner of Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff and Nordau streets, this place gets packed in the evening; but if you stop in at midday for a quick drink, you’ll have no problem getting a table or a seat at the bar.

We started off with some interesting and delicious cocktails.

Each cocktail comes in a single glass or a large “fish bowl” that can be shared between two to four people. The leffa’fonnito (NIS 48/91) had all the right ingredients of Bombay gin, lime, fresh cucumbers and ginger. While the fig cocktail (NIS 43/84), consisting of Finlandier, fig liqueur and basil, tasted very fresh and wasn’t as sweet as one would imagine.


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