Anti-Israel ads plastered across London trains

Anti-Israel posters have been posted across London’s tube network as the annual “Israel Apartheid Week” begins.

Posters bearing the title “Apartheid is Great Britain” claim that Israel used UK-made weapons to “massacre” Palestinians during Operation Protective Edge in which Israel fought the Hamas terror organization.

Other posters suggest that the BBC presents biased reports in favor of Israel – a claim many Israel supporters will find somewhat amusing, giving the BBC's coverage of the current wave of terrorism – while others target the security company G4S for “securing Israeli apartheid” and doing “whatever it takes to secure profits” as they operate some prisons in Israel.  

Images on social media suggested the posters were part of a campaign by activists, and not thought to have been endorsed in any way by London Underground or Transport for London.

The Brighton Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) posted numerous tweets saying: “Over 500 London tube trains plastered with posters for the 4 million passengers to read tomorrow #Israelapartheidweek”, as well as: “Big shout out to London activists who’ve been busy for #Israelapartheidweek.”

Some of the ads erected on Sunday did not last long as London commuters have already torn down various “apartheid” posters.

One British pro-Israel activist, who asked not to be named, told Arutz Sheva that according to both what he had seen and other commuters' testimonies, most of the posters had been taken down, probably by members of the public.



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