Anti-Semite Sheikh Praises PMW for Exposing his Screed

After accusing the Jews of the infamous blood libel, paganism, devil worship and other anti-Semitic screed in his bi-weekly Islam lessons at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount – the holiest site in Judaism – Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi has now praised Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) for exposing his hatred.

Earlier Al-Mughrabi, who conducts his anti-Semitic hate lessons under the auspices of the Jordanian Waqf and the Palestinian Authority (PA), had said his anti-Semitic rants were "advice" for Jews. On Tuesday, he said that PMW's exposing of his hatred with English subtitles is because "Allah puts them (PMW) at our service."

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"The fact that this group (PMW) chose to come uninvited to our lesson, and follows our lessons and publicizes them all over the world and puts them on its websites in all the countries of the world – since they chose this – first, praise Allah for this, Allah puts them (PMW) at our service. …They themselves chose to expose their true self, which Allah exposed," said the sheikh on the Temple Mount.

He went on to reveal his deceptive nature in hiding his hate, saying that the exposure was "inappropriate" because "when I speak with the Jews, I talk to them with wisdom and gentle rebuke, as Allah commanded me. When I talk to you about the Jews, I talk about them as they really are."

After PMW first exposed the sheikh's hate speech, he complained to YouTube and charged PMW with copyright violation, causing their subtitled video to be removed.

Al-Mughrabi has made clear that he has not distanced himself from any of his racist vitriol, as the recalcitrant Muslim leader last week spouted another libel claiming that "Jews actually intend to conquer the world" by "military conquest."

As "proof," he cited the anti-Semitic Russian forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion from 1903, which accused Jews of planning to subjugate the world to Jewish rule.

by palmediawatch


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