Arab League designates Hezbollah as a terrorist organization

The Arab League on Friday formally branded Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, The Associated Press reported, citing Egypt's state news agency MENA.

According to the report, the decision came during the league foreign ministers' meeting.

The move aligns the 22-member league firmly behind Saudi Arabia and the Saudi-led bloc of six Gulf Arab nations, which made the same move against Hezbollah earlier this month.

However, the Saudi ambassador in Cairo, Ahmed Qattan, told the satellite TV station Al Arabiya that the vote was not unanimous as Lebanon and Iraq abstained.

The Arab League move, as the one made earlier by the Gulf states, ramps up the pressure on Hezbollah, which is fighting on the side of President Bashar Al-Assad in Syria.

Hezbollah was outraged by the Gulf states' decision to blacklist it, calling it “irresponsible and hostile” and urging the Saudi regime to “face the consequences”.

Iran also expressed great outrage over the designation of Hezbollah and said, "Those who call Hezbollah terrorists, have intentionally or unintentionally targeted the unity and security of Lebanon."

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