Archives reveal: Commanding officer blasted Ariel Sharon’s Yom Kippur War ‘dereliction of duty’

Late former IDF general Ariel Sharon was guilty of “a long chain of dereliction of duty and discipline” on the southern front during the Yom Kippur War, according to allegations made by his commanding officer at the time, and first released for publication this week.

The testimony of Maj.-Gen. Shmuel (“Gorodish”) Gonen appears in two letters he wrote to the then IDF Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. David “Dado” Elazar after the war, following multiple complaints Gonen made during the fighting against Sharon to his superiors.

One of Gonen’s archival letters released by the Defense Ministry recalled two separate incidents in which he called for Elazar to remove Sharon from duty, including an incident on October 9, 1973 on the Egyptian front when he attacked against clear orders, losing 20 tanks in the process, most of which were left in enemy territory.


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