Ari Abramowitz Arrested for Saying Kaddish for Salomon Family on Temple Mount

Ari Abramowitz (of Ari & Jeremy) of The Land of Israel Network and contributor to was forcibly silenced and detained on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Tuesday while leading a group in reciting the Kaddish prayer for the Salomon family, who were slain by a terrorist in Halamish over Shabbat.

Ari wanted to read the following:


We went up to the Temple Mount because it is the place God’s presence is the most manifest on earth. And it was there that we wanted to say Kaddish in the merit of the three holy souls brutally slain in Halamish this past Shabbat – Yossi, Chaya, and Elad.

Why aren’t Jew’s praying in mass on the Temple Mount?

This is the greatest Civil rights struggle of our generation.

The Arab world is wise for not wanting us to pray on the Temple Mount – they are a spiritual people and they know nothing damages their cause more than Jewish prayer on the most spiritually potent real estate in the universe.

But why are we surrendering to their bullying and coercion?

What’s the fear? Getting arrested? Getting arrested here in Israel is a joke. In the future, having an arrest for this cause will be a badge of honor.

The injustice and absurdity is overwhelming. The Arabs are literally murdering Israelis on the Temple Mount and they don’t even get metal detectors, whereas a Jew is arrested for praying for peace among all mankind?

It is beyond me how anyone with even an ounce of courage and conviction is not up in arms about this travesty and injustice. —–

I think that many have given up hope that there can be real peace.

Our prayer here is an expression of our belief that things can get better – that true peace – not just lapses of violence – goodwill and a genuine interest in each other’s welfare is possible. But only if we turn to HaShem. That’s the only way it would be possible.

I was arrested for praying for peace and they indiscriminately murder and don’t want the basic metal detectors that we have going into the kotel?

I don’t know when the words “status quo” became sacrosanct – as if the fact that things are currently a certain way makes it any less absurd, unjust, and wrong.