Ariel: We Will Be Victorious With Spirit, Not Just Strength

Housing Minister Uri Ariel on Thursday visited the Elisha pre-army military academy near the Tzofit neighborhood in the West Binyamin community of Neve Tzuf.  

Ariel, who took part in Elisha's establishment 18 years ago, toured the academy, receiving an overview from both Rabbi Yitzhak Nissim, head of the academy, and Yoni Conforti, its CEO. 

Nissim and Conforti educated Ariel on the academy's condition, the alumni who work in the surrounding neighborhoods, the Student Village which was created this year, as well as the community's initial approval of the academy. 

After the tour, Minister Ariel, shared a conversation with the academy's administration, as well as its graduates and current students. 

Opening his speech, Ariel congratulated the academy, nothing that "this summer, a neighborhood for IDF veterans and academy graduates will be established here."

"The leadership learned at the Elisha pre-military academy should reach all the people of Israel, and not just with strength will we be victorious, but with a new spirit that will come out of this praiseworthy place."

Ariel then asked students "to hold up the stretcher and to integrate in order to influence public services in the state of Israel."

Rabbi Nissim thanked the Housing Minister for his important visit and his kind and meaningful words to the academy's students, who reach some of the finest places in the Israeli Defense Forces, as well as in public service after their military duties. 

"We will continue to lead the Elisha pre-military academy as a leading educational institution," Conforti said, "that educates for leadership and getting the best out of every student." 

"Like a Beit Midrash [study house], we will continue and expand together with  the alumni neighborhood and other educational projects that are important and welcomed by the academy."


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