Armed Arab caught infiltrating Jewish town

IDF forces were rapidly dispatched on Sunday night to the town of Elon Moreh in Samaria, after reports were received about a Palestinian suspect trying to infiltrate into the town.

The suspect attempted to flee the scene when he saw the forces arriving, but was caught by the soldiers.

A rifle was found in his possession. He was arrested and brought in for investigation, and the weapon was seized.

The incident at Elon Moreh, located just east of Shechem (Nablus), comes not long after an infiltration attack which miraculously did not end in a massacre.

Earlier this month two 17-year-old Arab terrorists armed with knives and clubs infiltrated the town of Eli in Samaria and broke into the home of Roi Harel, lightly wounding him.

Heroically he managed to force them out and defend his wife and children, and the the terrorists were killed by security forces shortly afterwards. It was found they had brought an improvised gun with them as well which they dropped while scaling the barbed wire security fence.

The following day, an infiltration attempt occurred at Yitzhar in Samaria in which two Arabs were spotted approaching the town carrying weapons including long crow bars, hammers and metal spikes.

Residents of the town were furious after the two suspects were released, after they claimed they had come to "search for gold" at a well adjacent to the town.


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