Aryeh King: ISIS Trying to Make Inroads in Jerusalem

In the wake of the car terror attack in eastern Jerusalem Wednesday, Jerusalem City Council member Aryeh King urged all Israelis to be more aware – not just of local terrorists, but of worldwide organizations like ISIS who are trying to bring their own brand of terror to Israel.

Every few days there is a terror attack in Jerusalem,” said King. “Rock attacks, stabbings, pogroms on the Mount of Olives, firebombs, large bomb attacks, and worse. Just this week they throw rocks at police and firecrackers at Jewish pedestrians".

"The only solution is a greater police presence in Arab neighborhoods. They need patrols to keep the roads open to the Mount of Olives, where many go to visit their loved ones interred there."

Police also need to increase their effectiveness among residents of these neighborhoods,” said King. “They are not afraid of police, and therefore do what they want even when police are there during the day – and how much more so at night, when there are no police, no authorities, no police, no law.”

The situation could easily slip even further out of control – and into the control of terror groups, said King.

“Last week, a group called 'Hib al-Tahrir' held a giant meeting at the Mount of Olives. This is the new ISIS of Israel. They are already operating around Israel, and in Jerusalem in particular. This is going to blow up in our faces eventually if we do not stop it now. This is something that must concern all authorities.

If there is one good thing about the new government, it's that Yariv Levin is Public Security Minister, not Yitzhak Aharonovich,” who after six years has left that ministry, said King. “Levin is forward-thinking, unlike his predecessor, and I trust him to carry out his duties responsibly.”


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