Ashkelon: Arab Riots, Jewish Protest Continue

Arabs and Jews rioted against each other at Ashkelon Junction Sunday, not far from Barzilai Hospital, where a hunger-striking terrorist prisoner is being treated.

The Arab rioters demand that the terrorist, Mohammed Allaan, be freed. Allaan lost consciousness on Friday and he is being artificially respirated at Barzilai. Allaan's hunger strike is on its 61st day and he is in serious condition.

The rioting Arabs threw rocks at police and used pepper spray on them.

The Jewish demonstrators are led by nationalists Betzi Gopshtain, Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben Gvir. They demand that the terrorist not be force fed and be allowed to die if he so chooses.

Large police forces are separating the groups.

Traffic through Ashkelon Junction is being rerouted through the southern and northern entrances to the city. 



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