Ashkelon Girl Converts To Islam, Judaism And Now Back To Islam

YWN-ISRAEL recently reported on the story of Noi Sheetrit, from Ashkelon, who converted to Islam on Har Habayis, and then later, due to the efforts of the Lehava organization, she left her Bedouin husband and returned to Yiddishkheit.

At first, Sheetrit exclaimed she is back to living as a Jewish woman. On erev Rosh Hashanah, Bentzion Gupstein of Lehava and Sheetrit contacted one another via WhatsApp, Channel 10 News reports. Gupstein praised he for being willing to take the step to return. She stated, “I have no way to show my thanks and appreciation”.

On Sunday, 4 Tishrei, Sheetrit posted a photo with her and her Bedouin husband R”L, explaining she has returned to him. Gupstein explained there are no regrets and they will assist any Jewish woman seeking assistance. He then blocked her number on his phone.

On a positive note, he explained after advertising her success, they have extricated four additional women from Arab villages and they are currently living in safe homes. They have begun dealing with 16 additional cases that arrived. Regarding Sheetrit, he added, for the time being they have not been successful but they have not given up hope by any means.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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