Asia tourism spikes, drops sharply in Russia, increases modestly from US

Asian tourism to Israel spiked during the first five months of this year compared to the same period in 2015, modestly increased from the US, and dropped precipitously from Russia due to ongoing economic woes, the Tourism Ministry said on Wednesday.  

The ministry’s most recent data, from January to May of this year, showed a whopping 140% increase of tourists from Taiwan (700 in 2016 compared to 292 in 2015), a 40% increase from China (3,060 compared to 2,131), and a 33% increase from Singapore (643 compared to 484).

However, in what appears to be a statistical anomaly, visits from Japan fell 41%, with 700 tourists this year, compared to 1,221 last year. Still, tourism from India increased 20%, to 1,679 from 1,396.


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