Australian government to strip extremists’ children of citizenship

The Australian government will be able to strip the children of extremists fighting overseas of Australian citizenship under controversial legislation introduced into parliament on Wednesday. Details of the so-called Allegiance to Australia bill were unveiled as the mother-in-law of one man believed killed in Iraq while fighting

for Islamic state pleaded for his wife and children to be allowed to return home. Karen Nettleton, the mother of Khaled Sharrouf’s wife Tara, said her daughter had made the “mistake of a lifetime.” “Today she is a parent alone in a foreign and vicious land looking after a widowed 14-year-old and four other young children,” Nettleton said in a statement released by her lawyer.

Sharrouf and his best friend Mohamed Elomar shot to infamy last year after they and Sharrouf’s 7-year-old son were pictured holding the severed heads of Syrian soldiers.



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