Campaign Promises: Legalization of Amona in Coalition Deal


Jewish Home MKs Ayelet Shaked and Orit Struk arrived at Amona in Samaria on Thursday, where they met with residents and promised to take action against the High Court ruling last Thursday ordering the destruction of the entire town within two years. In the meeting the legal circumstances were discussed – there is no evidence behind […]

Bringing Orthodox Jewish Women to the Leadership Table


The topic of women and leadership is central to the Orthodox Jewish community today, National Security Agency (NSA) First Chief Risk Officer Anne Neuberger stated to Arutz Sheva this week – and women can offer much to help solve common issues in the Jewish community.  "The goals very much are ensuring that women in the Orthodox community […]

Who ‘Assassinated’ Feiglin in Likud Primaries?


Likud MK Moshe Feiglin was given an unrealistic spot to get into the next Knesset in Likud primaries tallied on Thursday, but according to reports on Friday that wasn't mere chance – he was the target of an orchestrated "political assassination" from within the party. According to Yedioth Aharonoth, the main hand behind Feiglin's primaries failure […]

Fourteen IDF Innovations of 2014


The IDF released a list Friday of 14 new changes instituted in 2014 on its website – ranging from a focus on healthier food to upgrades in defense.  Overall, meals became healthier and more "green," it said, with two new programs upgrading ready-to-eat meals for combat soldiers and offering vegan options for all recruits. Combat […]

Hollywood Stars Go Muslim for New Year


A group of Hollywood TV celebs and supermodels including Kendall Jenner, singer Selena Gomez and model Gigi Hadid spent the civil new year in Dubai, where they took some revealing photos and posted them to Instagram – the revelations include an interest in Muslim attire. Jenner, the 19-year-old who made her break in the TV […]