Azariya’s comrade: I didn’t feel there was danger of a bomb

One of Elor Azariya's fellow soldiers testified in military court on Wednesday. Azariya has been charged with manslaughter for killing a neutralized terrorist.

Channel 10 reports that Corporal M. said, "I didn't feel that the terrorist posed a threat. I would have preferred not to have been part of this incident. I am a young soldier and I have not encountered such incidents. According to what we've learned, there was no threat of a bomb in Hevron. They never told us about explosives."

He further stated that "If there had been a bomb on the terrorist, I would have died and Elor saved my life and that of the other soldiers. Thank you Elor. He was at the scene and under an incredible amount of pressure even before shooting. I didn't hear any yells about a suspected bomb."

The soldier said that the incident had a strong influence on Azariya's entire company. "After the incident they spoke with us because we were afraid that the country was not backing soldiers and they tried to take the pressure off of us. We felt that they weren't supporting Elor, who needed to go through this whole process. The commanders said that the incident wasn't good, those who heard the remarks were the soldiers, some of whom are testifying here."


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