Bake like our forebears

Everyone seems to be talking about reducing, or even completely avoiding, the use of trans and saturated fats. When it comes to baking, this is not an easy task. But although using olive oil for baking may sound a bit odd, it actually was used in desserts in the Mediterranean for centuries.

Olive oil can replace other oils and even butter, giving cakes and cookies a light texture and rich fruity flavor. Avoid using olive oils with very dominant flavors when baking cakes and cookies, say experts. Instead, choose a lower-intensity olive oil that gives a subtle flavor. Olive oil dramatically cuts back on the cholesterol and saturated fat content of desserts.

It produces lighter-tasting baked goods and allows the flavor of other ingredients to come to the fore. Because olive oil contains vitamin E, it helps to naturally maintain the freshness of baked goods and creates moist cakes, biscuits and muffins.


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