Baking with honey

Rosh Hashana is definitely the “honey” holiday, and most of you will be going wild baking and cooking various dishes that include honey. To assist you in your sweet labors, here are a few professional tips to get the best results using honey in your baking.

How does honey compare with sugar? Regular sugar, or sucrose, is a 50%:50% mix of glucose and fructose, while honey leans slightly toward the fructose side with a 40%:27% ratio of fructose to glucose (with a few other ingredients such as waxes, etc.). Subjectively speaking, honey is perceived by most people as identically sweet to sugar. This means you may substitute honey equally for sugar, i.e., 1 cup sugar = 1 cup honey. However, since this is a subjective perception, some may find honey slightly sweeter than sugar, and you may need to experiment by reducing the honey gradually until you reach your own personal preference.


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