Barak Says US Should Give Israel Arms to Strike Iran

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak expects the United States to arm Israel with weapons to attack Iran's nuclear facilities if necessary. 

Barak made comments to this effect at a Harvard University event last Thursday, Haaretz reports, in response to a question on what measures should be taken to prevent Tehran from continuing to develop its nuclear program following an agreement with world powers. 

National security expert Prof. Graham Allisom told Barak the time may be right to “request or expect that the American administration find a way to equip Israel with the tools to carry out an independent operation, if the need arise" – i.e. should both countries agree Iran has seriously violated the terms of the deal. 

Barak responded that the US is committed to maintaining Israel's qualitative military edge over its neighbors in the Middle East, and the most urgent task is to "resume a working relationship between the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem and the White House."

According to Barak, both sides need "to sit behind closed doors, making sure that we see the same challenges and making sure that that Iranians are trying to cheat, to allocate enough intelligence…to make sure they won't succeed in trying to violate the agreement."

Together, Barak continued, the US and Israel should meet and define "what would constitute a significant violation" of the deal as well as the response, whether it be the reinstatement of sanctions or a military option. 

The former leader noted such bilateral understandings would require significant trust and intimacy, but was hopeful this would happen. 

Barak came under fire in Israel recently after Channel 2 published a leaked tape of him alleging that between 2010 and 2012, his, and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's proposal to attack Iranian nuclear sites was thwarted numerous times.

Regarding American willingness to support an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear sites, the nuclear deal would have the US and world powers defend Iran from sabotage on its nuclear program – potentially defending Iran from Israel.


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