Barkat: Moskowitz ‘helped Jews live anywhere they want’

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat spoke at the funeral for Dr. Irving Moskowitz on Monday, noting that the philanthropist "did many great things in the city of Jerusalem.

"Sometimes in the world I had to defend the rights of Jews to build anywhere they want – in the city of Jerusalem or elsewhere. And I remind the world that, anywhere around the world, in New York, Moscow, France, or anywhere around the world, people are allowed to build anywhere. They can live anywhere they want, regardless of their religion or the color of their skin."

He continued: "And that fundamental right is true for Jews. It's especially true for Jews. In ancient city of Jerusalem and all over the state of Israel, since we're talking about a right of over 3,000 years of history to live anywhere we want. I think Dr. Irving did a great thing: he helped Jews live anywhere they want in the east side of the city. The Jewish People owe him lots of gratitude and thanks for his support."


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