‘Beit El: Stay Strong!’

Eugen Gluck, one of the founders of Beit El, spoke in a special Arutz Sheva interview on Monday night, urging the residents to "stay strong" in the face of the threat of demolition of homes there by the High Court for Justice. 

"I was reading the last few days about the problem which they want to take away: the houses they just finished there," he said. "You must be very strong, chas v'chalila, to give it up – because Beit El needs it, and Beit El will be growing more and more."

"We built many houses before," he added. "You have to be strong, to stay the course, and don't let the Arabs chase you out, because you're entitled to be there, and you're giving a lot of justice to Beit El and to Yisroel." 

Police descended on Beit El overnight Monday for a surprise overnight demolition, despite a high-profile campaign by leading politicians, rabbis, and other public officials to save the homes slated for demolition in the community. As of this writing, at least 50 people have been arrested trying to stop the demolition from going through. 

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/198721

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