Bennett: A Narrow Government Can Also be a Unity Government

Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett began his party's faction meeting on Monday afternoon with a discussion on the newly formed government. 

Although the government is extremely narrow with only 61 MKs, Bennett asserted it would still be a united one. 

"We're talking about a narrow government on the one hand, but a unity government on the other," the incoming Education Minister insisted. "Even a narrow government can be a unity government if we are all united in action for the good of Israel."

"A unity government," Bennett added, "is one in which all coalition partners are working together."

"I pledge we will work shoulder to shoulder with the incoming Finance Minister to lower housing prices. We will work shoulder to shoulder with the Defense Minister to protect Israel's security. We will work shoulder to shoulder with Litzman to tackle the Israeli public's health concerns," Bennett vowed. 

The Jewish Home chairman made similar remarks Sunday night at a Central Committee meeting, telling party members that the government about to be established “is a government of the entire Israeli public. Even with 61 MKs – this can be a unity government.”

"This will be a government of the Coalition and the Opposition,” he stressed. “Of the religious, the secular, the haredi, of Jews and Arabs, of new immigrants and native-born citizens. A government of everyone.”


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