Bennett: Iran Deal ‘International Hara-Kiri’

Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) called on leaders of the Opposition to unite with coalition parties against the Iranian nuclear agreement being drafted between Tehran and the West Monday, warning not to stand silent against the global threat. 

''Even during the drama for state of Israel, the sun is shining, birds are singing, and the superpower of world terrorism is born," Bennett stated, during opening remarks for Jewish Home's weekly faction meeting. 

"True – everything here looks the same, but nothing will be the same from now on. These days are crucial for Israel."

He said it was a fateful hour for Israel, and the agreement with Iran will be remembered in history with infamy.

The same state which has announced just last week its aim to eradicate the State of Israel will be legitimized as a nuclear power, he warned. 

''Citizens of the Western world must understand: they are going to sign an agreement that gives half a trillion dollars to a new terrorist superpower, they are going to sign an agreement with the world's most dangerous country, and they do so with a country that wants to openly destroy nations and peoples," Bennett warned. 

"When we read history books of the last century, sometimes we do not realize how a terrible processes occurred, how the world did not understand what was to come," he continued.  "Well, today we can understand. The Western world is going to perform international hara-kiri (Japanese ritual suicide upon a loss; also known as "Seppuku"; usually by suicide by sword – ed.) – and we, with our small numbers, are trying to stop its hand."

Multipartisan unity "is not an option, it is a national duty," Bennett continued. "I call on the members of the Left, [including Yitzhak] Bougie Herzog, Yair Lapid, and all members of the Knesset: if today you can hold back your criticism, it is possible to mobilize around the common goal to fight a common jeopardy." 


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