Bennett to Arutz Sheva: Iran Deal a ‘Mortal Threat’

Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) spoke to Arutz Sheva about the Iran deal on Monday, hours after the UN Security Council unanimously implemented a draft resolution actualizing the Iranian nuclear deal with the West. 

"The Iranian deal is a mortal threat to Israel and to world peace," Bennett said. "I think everyone knows it." 

"The days which have passed since the signing of this very bad deal have taught us day by day how many holes there are," he added. "For example, while it was said a couple of months ago that inspections will be anytime, anywhere, now we know it's not anywhere and with a 24-day notice." 

"We've learned now that the free world actually has to defend Iran, and help Iran, help Iran defend itself against future attacks on its nuclear facilities," he fired. 

"This is crazy. We've effectively given Iran hundreds of billions of dollars, sending them to buy weaponry, then making them immune to future attacks." 


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