Bennett to lead public anti-terror jog in Tel Aviv tonight

Education Minister Naftali Bennett intends to show that the Jews cannot be cowed by Arab terrorism, by leading citizens on a jog through the streets of Tel Aviv Sunday evening.

The jog will set out at 8:00 PM, from Rabin Square. Bennett announced on Facebook that it will pass through the scene of Friday's terror attack at Dizengoff Street, in which Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi were murdered. 

"We won't be stopped," he declared, and invited the public to join him.

Reactions on Bennett's Facebook page are mixed. Some commenters think the jog is a great idea, while others see it as a populistic step that does not do anything concrete against the Islamist Arab terrorism.

One particularly vile comment wished Bennett a heart attack when he arrives at Rabin Square, and expressed the hope that slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin will then appear before Bennett in a vision and remind him of the bad things he has done, just before he dies.

Bennett replied: "I understand you're not coming, then?"

Searches for Nashat Melhem, the lead suspect in Friday’s terror attack, continued on Sunday morning.

It is believed that Melhem is armed and still poses a continued threat to the city. While the city council has decided to place additional security forces to all of the schools across the city, many parents are still fearful. 


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